The Secret To Real Success


Every so often you meet people who instantly impact you.

People that have a quality about them and that you somehow know will succeed in life.

Recently I meet such people and in an instant we became friends.


Early this morning I found myself asking the question, –‘What is it about these people that evoke such a sense of destiny and aliveness?’ Almost immediately the answer came to mind – they possess the secret to real success.

What is this secret? In fact is there such a thing? I believe so. Continue reading

The Problem With Living To Get

What if you were wrong?


Seriously, what if a fundamental premise by which you live was incorrect?

The vast majority of us, I believe, wake in the morning with a basic motivation: – To Get.

  • Get happiness in our day
  • Get respect from our friends
  • Get love from our families
  • Get success from our jobs
  • Get, Get, Get.

It’s natural isn’t it?

But what if it was wrong…. Continue reading

8 Warning Signs Your Life Is Out Of Balance

Often the first step to establishing balance is to recognise imbalance.


Signs of imbalance include . . .

  1. Negative attitudes toward people, self or work
  2. Lack of energy & motivation
  3. Getting overly involved in work
  4. Significant stress, frustration & worry
  5. Over consumption of caffeine & fast foods
  6. Reduced physical activity
  7. Changes in general health
  8. Lack of fulfilment

Why establish balance in our lives? Continue reading

How Much Does Your Image Cost?

80% of people don’t care and the other 20% are glad.

That’s what the speaker said will happen when you share your problems. Now I don’t believe that’s completely true and it was said tongue in cheek, but it does highlight a point that relates to money and our image.

That point is: Who Cares!

And yet we can waste a fortune, an absolute fortune trying to keep up with the Joneses. To what degree are you caught in this financial trap? You might be surprised when you take the following test…. Continue reading

6 Characteristics Of Successful Parents

‘I can’t hear what you say because who you are speaks so loud.’

I remember the person who first said that to me. Now, more than 25 years on, it still resonates. Why? Because life and especially parenting is more about who we are.

In a nutshell, good parents are good role models. I didn’t say perfect, but if you’re going to be a successful parent you will need these characteristics . . . Continue reading